Light Switch

(£115.83 excluding VAT)

The Wondrwall light switch is the most intelligent light switch in the world and the key to Wondrwall’s learning capabilities. It replaces the standard light switches in your home and provides the intelligence for Wondrwall to function. Within the device, light, motion and audio sensors continuously monitor your habitation patterns. The light switches communicate wirelessly via ZigBee technology, sending learning data into the cloud to improve your home’s heating and lighting automation.

What’s in the box
Light switch
Installation Kit
User Guide


Additional information

Dimensions 11.8 × 9.8 × 4.2 cm

Custom Operating System
Capacitive Touch Switches
Control up to 3 circuits
2-way control
13 sensors including temperature, luminosity, humidity, power and motion
Smart home support and Voice control by Amazon Alexa
Microphone and speaker
ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Dimensions 118 x 98 x 42mm