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It couldn’t be simpler

We have identified professional electricians who have the experience to not just install Wondrwall correctly but also to help you with deciding the right setup for your individual needs.





1. Remove all standard light switches in your home replacing them with Wondrwall switches.

2. Connect the Wondrwall thermostat and siren to your wi-fi network.

3. Sign into the Wondrwall app to set up and configure your initial preferences for lighting, heating, security and music.

DFY. Done For You.

Why DIY when you can get a professional to do it for you? Your Wondrwall intelligent home will be up and running quickly when you get a professional Wondrwall installer to install it for you. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing your intelligent home solution has been installed correctly.

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You’ve got enough to do already.

Getting your Wondrwall intelligent home set up can be quick and simple with professional Wondrwall installers. We can connect you with a professional electrician who’s been trained to install the Wondrwall intelligent home solution. Relax and they will take care of everything.

Find a professional installer near you

Finding a Wondrwall installer is easy.

We make finding a professional Wondrwall installer super easy. Wondrwall has contacted thousands of professional electricians to find the right installers for you. Just contact one of them.

Find a professional installer near you
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Pick the Wondrwall configuration you’d like installed. You can buy it directly from our store or from the installer.

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Search the Wondrwall Installer Finder to identify qualified installers nearby.

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Contact the Wondrwall installer that’s right for you and ask for a quote. They’ll get back to you with their estimate.

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Intelligent Home.

If you’re worried about what to buy, give us a call on 0161 533 0150 and we will help or ask the Wondrwall installer for help.