The Kit

For homes and apartments

Everything you need to start living intelligently

The Base Kit provides the key components required to get started with Wondrwall. The alarm siren is not needed for apartments as the security system sounds the alarm through the light switch speaker and flashes the lights. To get the full functionality of Wondrwall and complete coverage of the whole of your home, add additional switches to replace the standard light switches in your home.

Thermostat and heating control

The thermostat is a modern replacement for traditional units, seamlessly integrating into your home to perform automated temperature adjustments based on data gathered from your living patterns. It is simple to install and allows for manual heating control if required.

Siren and security

The siren replaces your existing home security alarm, and supplements other existing devices such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The siren works in harmony with the other Wondrwall components, connects wirelessly and is battery powered, allowing flexible placement within your property. The siren is not needed for apartments.

Key fob and safety

The Key Fob is your mobile connection to your home. The discreet device performs automatic arming and disarming of the intruder protection system based on your proximity to the property. The fob also features an integrated panic button and a useful check-in feature, notifying you as family members return home via the Wondrwall app.

Want Help Configuring Wondrwall For Your Home?

Wondrwall offers a free smart home consultation that will help you to identify what your requirements are and whether Wondrwall is the right fit for your needs. Our experts will explain the sort of benefits you can expect such as reduced energy consumption and increased security.

Your home connected

The technology in Wondrwall has been carefully designed to make your home intelligent, not more complicated and improve your comfort and make your home a better, safer place.

If the Wi-Fi goes down, the Wondrwall system continues to operate independently

Every Wondrwall light switch contains 13 different sensors to understand your living patterns

iOS and Android apps give you full control of the Wondrwall system to manually override functions


More efficient

Pick the Wondrwall configuration you’d like installed. You can buy it directly from our store or from the installer.


Saves you money

Search the Wondrwall Installer Finder to identify qualified installers nearby.


Adds comfort

Contact the Wondrwall installer that’s right for you and ask for a quote. They’ll get back to you with their estimate.

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