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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Wondrwall cost and what will I get?

    A Wondrwall base kit retails at a similar cost to that of a typical fitted security alarm system, costing £499 and including:

    1 x Light switch
    1 x Thermostat
    1 x Siren
    2 x Fobs

    Extra switches can be purchased for £119 each.

  • How can I order Wondrwall?

    You can order directly through our store, or via Amazon. Alternatively, you can place an order using 0161 533 0150 or

  • Is my home compatible with Wondrwall?

    We’ve designed Wondrwall to be as compatible with as many homes as possible, the only pre-requisites are the following:

    – Your existing light switches must have a neutral line in place

    – A wireless router with internet access must be available in the home to make use of Wondrwall’s intelligent features

    – You must have a traditional ‘wired’ thermostat in place, which can then be replaced with our thermostat – a process
    which generally takes no longer than 15 minutes

  • Does Wondrwall let me have rooms at different temperatures?

    Heat sensors built into every Wondrwall switch make it possible for separate rooms to be heated to different extents, but the thermostat will only automatically adjust the temperature of the room being occupied at that moment. When multiple rooms are occupied simultaneously, then the thermostat will revert to your typical average home temperature.

  • Will Wondrwall save me money?

    Yes. By automating and optimising your home’s heating and lighting, Wondrwall eliminates the cost of wasted energy. Wondrwall doesn’t just save you money, though, by creating greener, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes, installing Wondrwall is your contribution to creating a more energy conscious society overall.

  • What are the power specifications of the Wondrwall thermostat?

    Our thermostat is designed to work with high voltage, low current heating systems in the UK, consuming about 0.3 kWh per month with normal use – about the same as fully charging a smartphone nightly.

  • How can I tell when my Wondrwall devices are running low on power?

    Wondrwall constantly monitors the elements of the system, informing you with in-app notifications when batteries need replacing.

  • Will my Wondrwall system switch off if my broadband is turned off or stops working?

    No. Your light switches, thermostat and alarm siren will still operate as normal. The internet connection is only required for the system to operate automatically, but the lack of an internet connection will still give you access to basic functions like light and heating control.

  • What should I do if my heating isn’t working?

    If your heating isn’t working, and you’ve tried adjusting it via the Wondrwall app to no avail, please check your boiler and, if appropriate, seek the assistance of a trained boiler technician.

  • Can I override Wondrwall’s operation?

    Of course. The Wondrwall app allows you to manually configure and update preferences, as well as to override any aspect of your automatic heating, lighting and security programme at any time.

  • How can I keep my Wondrwall components clean?

    You can gently dust the outside of your Wondrwall components with a soft, lint-free cloth. If your product needs cleaning more thoroughly, please follow the instructions included in the original packaging.

  • I can’t log into my Wondrwall account.

    1. Check the Wondrwall system status

    2. Make sure you’re using the right email and password combination

    3. Double check your router or firewall settings

    If none of these steps solve your problem, speak to Wondrwall’s technical support team.