Wondrwall proud to join BRE Center for Smart Homes and Buildings

We are excited to announce that Wondrwall has become a member of the BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings.

The BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings was launched in Sep 2017. Its purpose is to provide a collaborative hub for industry, academia and government to address common challenges, helping ensure that smart technologies and services meet the needs of end users and drive up the adoption in the built environment. The Centre facilitates collaboration by providing demonstrators and test beds through their Smart Home Lab and wider BRE Innovation Park, undertaking research across key subject matters, analysis of data and performance helping deliver optimal benefits and dissemination of knowledge through publications, events and training. BRE is the world’s leading building science centre, providing extensive facilities, experts, standards, tools, training and education across the built environment.

Wondrwall has developed the world’s first intelligent home automation system that converts standard homes into intelligent homes. Heating, lighting, security, safety, music, voice control in a single integrated solution for a similar price to a standard burglar alarm. Wondrwall monitors your living patterns and how the home performs and uses machine learning to keep you safe, comfortable, secure and reduce your energy bills with out you needing to do anything.

As a key stakeholder in the future of smart homes and buildings Wondrwall are delighted to be involved in the Centre. We believe that the use of iOT, sensors, data and intelligent technologies will allow the intelligent control of future homes and buildings and deliver transformational new services that will provide significant benefits and opportunities for both home builders and home owners as well as the society in general.

We very much look forward to a strong collaboration between BRE and Wondrwall moving forwards.

More information on the BRE Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings is available at For more info on Wondrwall, visit