Wondrwall and Alexa in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are a home’s garden of Eden. People usually go there when they want to chill, relax and clear their minds from their thoughts. If you are the type of person who would lay in bed longer in the morning or just enjoy lazier Sundays, Amazon Alexa has the right skills that allow you to do this… and much more!

The voice technology is integrated into every Wondrwall light switch, giving you access to Alexa and its numerous features to help you wherever you are in the home and at every moment of the day, from waking you up in the morning to enhance your sleep in the evening. You can also find help if you need to study or work from your bedroom desk!

Waking up sometimes is extremely difficult, isn’t it? But Alexa can make this easier …

Imagine you could ask Alexa to wake you up with your favourite song, or with a different song every morning depending on your mood and schedule. Have you planned an important meeting or interview for tomorrow? Ask Alexa to sound “Eye of the Tiger” and give you the right energy and motivation needed for the day! Are you leaving for a holiday trip with your friends the day after? Probably “Girls just wanna have fun” is a better choice for your morning alarm! You don’t remember the name of the song you are looking for? Just tell Alexa some lyrics and she will recognise the song for you!

You will always get support from Alexa, regardless of your mood. For the mornings that need further motivation, Alexa can give you a boost by telling you an inspirational quote. When you wake up fresh and full of energy, Alexa will give you an early workout with some exercises to set you up for the day.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Do you check the local news, your notifications or your schedule for the day? Or perhaps you want to be updated on the traffic, and know whether your train will run on time or not. Whatever it might be, you can simply ask Alexa. There is no need any more to grab your phone and stare a screen as the first thing in the morning!

You are not sure what to wear? Just ask Alexa what are the weather forecasts and this will help you decide the right shoes and whether you need your rain coat or not, without having to get out of your cosy bed. If you need help to wake up, just ask your bedroom light switch to turn the light on!

Do you sometimes spend the evening zapping without finding the right channel, and nothing seems good enough on Netflix? When this happens, Alexa will be there for you. You simply need to lay in bed and ask Alexa to read you a book, or enjoy a fairy tale with your children. If you can’t fall asleep, simply ask Alexa to put some relaxing music, a podcast or even play a guided meditation or white noise.

Before going to bed, you can set the ‘sleep mode’ that will automatically arm the alarm system while turning all the lights of the home off. In case of a fire alarm, Wondrwall light switches will make sure you and everyone else in the home wakes up by sounding an alarm in every room and flashing all the bedrooms’ lights. The level of security in a Wondrwall home is so high that you can sleep tight without worries.

It’s finally Sunday and the last thing you want is to leave your warm and cosy bed. Your late night out made you very hungry….and thirsty. You crave a brunch. Just ask Alexa to order your favourite bagel, with a large orange juice and a black coffee to help beat that headache! Forget about taking your phone, going out for grocery or cooking. Although Alexa will notify you when they arrive at your home, you will still need to open the door when the driver arrives! When the food is delivered, you can just ask to turn the FireTV on, and enjoy your favourite movie while eating breakfast in bed.

Alexa has numerous other functions that can help you with your homework. In fact, you can ask any question and Alexa will respond to you. It can help you with calculations, spelling, answer your curiosities, but also defining words, find synonyms and translate something for you.

When you work and study in your bedroom, it is important to have the ideal temperature and light. If you feel a bit cold, Alexa can control the room until it reaches your ideal temperature. If you want a brighter room, just ask it to Alexa! As simple as that!