Self Build & Design says “Wondrwall is an intelligent home system that uses past behaviour to adjust the home to fit the user’s lifestyle”


Mention the term ‘smart home’ and a number of things immediately spring to mind: security, energy management, lighting and audio-visual systems – all designed with the aim of making life easier. No longer do we have to worry needlessly about whether we locked the door, switched off the iron or turned down the thermostat when we are away on holiday. These can be taken care of at the switch of a button or via your smartphone. Such advances are accessible to anyone. Here are just a few ways you can turn your house into a smart home.

Wondrwall is an intelligent home system which uses past behaviour to adjust the home to fit the user’s lifestyle. Features include automatic light control when the house is unoccupied, efficient heating automation, built-in Amazon Alexa in each light switch to enable voice control technology and an additional key fob which gauges when inhabitants are due to return to home, therefore activating certain settings. Wondrwall gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself, which heightens security, increases energy efficiency and assists daily life through one simple installation. (