White Aluminium Infrared Heating Panel 800W

(£279.17 excluding VAT)


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Dimensions 120.5 × 90.5 × 2.5 cm

The Wondrwall White Aluminium Heating Panels are ideal for the replacement of traditional heating systems, maximising the heating area while saving energy. The panels operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating systems, giving better thermal comfort levels. The panels come with folded seamless corners and frameless edges, making for an even heat dispersion across the front surface, making them amongst the highest performance infrared heaters available. The panel is insulated enabling a 98% power to heat generation with no loss through the back. The panels can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Surface Design : Frameless Infrared Powder Coating Aluminium
Heating Element : Carbon Crystal
Back material : Aluminium Sheet
Installation : Wall or Ceiling Mounted
Connection : UK Plug with 2-meter cable
Voltage :  220 – 240V
Overheat Protection : Yes
Transfer Efficiency : 98%
Surface Temperature : 75 – 95 degrees
Life expectancy : >100,000H
Warranty : 5 Years
IP Protection : IP54
Dimensions: 1205*905*25mm