Wondrwall Group launches investment partnership with InfraRed Capital Partners

Wondrwall Group (“Wondrwall”, or the “company”), a pioneer in intelligent technology for net-zero energy homes1, today announces that InfraRed Capital Partners (“InfraRed”), an international infrastructure investment manager with a portfolio of around $14bn equity under management, have agreed to partner with Wondrwall to supercharge the company’s growth within the new build housing market. The partnership supports Wondrwall’s ambition to unlock an initial investment programme of over £100m.

InfraRed’s investment demonstrates the potential of Wondrwall’s technology to support the UK’s journey to net zero by 2050 by providing the funds to unlock Wondrwall’s potential to expand its footprint to over 100,000 net-zero energy homes, both in the UK and on the global stage.

Launched in 2018, Wondrwall’s technology represents a leap forward from conventional smart homes. Wondrwall offers a fully-integrated, artificial intelligence-powered, home energy management system (“HEMS”), capable of adapting to homeowners’ living habits, energy consumption, the thermal performance of the home, and external factors like weather forecasts, geo-location and time-of-use tariffs. This innovative approach combines sensory technology with gas-free heating, hot water, solar energy generation, battery storage, EV charging and cloud-based, machine learning.

As well as actioning energy-saving measures around the clock, Wondrwall’s HEMS also identifies the optimum time to buy energy from, and sell energy back, to the grid for an overall net-zero energy home aim and the potential to deliver negative energy bills2. Notably, Wondrwall enables UK housebuilders to exceed current Future Homes Standard requirements3 at a comparable build cost to gas-heated homes.

Currently being trialled by many of the UK’s leading national housebuilders, the technology is reshaping the landscape of sustainable home construction.

Daniel Burton, CEO and founder of the Wondrwall Group, comments:

“This is a landmark moment for Wondrwall and will help us to accelerate towards our ambition of making intelligent net zero living accessible to all. InfraRed is an exceptional partner for Wondrwall and the investment underlines the importance of our technology in helping to reduce energy consumption of homes and help the UK in transition to net-zero.

“Put simply, Wondrwall creates the most intelligent homes in Britain. By harmonising energy generation, storage, and demand, our solution reduces carbon to protect the climate and reduces energy bills to protect the consumer.

“With pledges being made to deliver 1.5 million new homes in the UK over the next 5 years, if just half were installed with Wondrwall technology, the carbon saving would be the equivalent of more than 14 million trees with the potential to absorb 321 million kilograms of CO2 per year4.

“This investment marks a significant milestone for Wondrwall, facilitating rapid upscaling to meet the evolving needs of housebuilders on their ESG journey and homeowners grappling with escalating energy costs. Wondrwall is uniquely positioned to manage energy consumption, supporting grid decarbonisation, reducing energy bills, and maintaining current build costs.”

Stephane Kofman, Partner, Head of Capital Gain Funds at InfraRed, says:

“Wondrwall is a company that stands at the forefront of the energy transition. This partnership demonstrates our ongoing commitment to invest in infrastructure solutions that both support sustainable futures and address the current cost of living crisis.”


1 Wondrwall defines a net-zero energy home as a home that generates as much energy as it consumes in a year. All new build homes need to meet Part L regulations which is calculated in accordance with the UK Governments Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). SAP provides a measure of the emissions and energy efficiency of the home which informs Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. A SAP Environmental rating of 100 is classified as zero carbon emissions.

2 Wondrwall has delivered negative bills during the summer months. Modelling indicates that negative bills can be delivered over the full year, however a proportion of this will be behaviour driven by the home occupier.

3 If a home was built to current Future Homes Standard (FHS) requirements and then Wondrwall’s technology and renewable solutions were added on top, then the home automatically exceeds FHS standards. Wondrwall allows lower carbon emissions, lower energy bills and lower energy consumption with no incremental operational cost.

4 Based on Wondrwall’s typical application of a 4kWp solar array on a 35 degree roof angle generating 3151kwh of solar electricity per year on a home. Using the SAP calculation of 0.136 KG CO2e / KWH for the carbon intensity of electricity gives a reduction of 428 KG per year. Average absorption rate of a mature tree is recognised as 22KG ofCO2 per year according to the European Environment Agency. Which means approximately 14.6 million trees would be needed to absorb 321 million kilograms of CO2 annually.