Intelligent Homes for under £1000

Wondrwall is a full home automation system designed for the house building market that covers heating, lighting, security and safety with voice control, all for less than £1000.

Wondrwall is a pioneering intelligent living system that makes a home adapt to the needs and desires of the occupants – automatically controlling heating, lighting security and safety, with voice control technology. The Wondrwall home learns and works around its occupants, learning from how they live, which rooms they spend time in and how they use heating and lighting. In doing so, Wondrwall seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances their living environment without any input.

The real power of Wondrwall lies in our light switch running its own operating system and housing 13 different sensors that monitor the occupant’s habitational patterns, as well as the home’s overall efficiency and performance. Amazon’s push-to-talk Alexa platform offers added functionality with voice control.

The total cost to install Wondrwall for a three-bedroom house is less than £1000. However, the incremental cost is much lower as Wondrwall replaces the current security system, light switches and thermostat and their corresponding costs.

In addition, there is no special wiring needed and Wondrwall can be installed by the same electrical contractor that does the current electrical installation adding no further costs.

But best of all, homeowners are willing to pay over £3000 for a smart home according to a survey by Barclays Mortgages so the additional cost can easily be recovered through faster sales and a higher selling price for the property.

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