Installing Wondrwall couldn’t be simpler. All you need is the four following components:

All of which are easily configured through the Wondrwall mobile app.

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Light Switch
Intelligent Fob


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Replace your light switches with Wondrwall switches

Replace your thermostat and Alarm siren with Wondrwall components

Follow the set up process on the Wondrwall app which will connect your devices together

Technical help

If you have any questions you can contact Wondrwall technical support on

Telephone – 0161 457 0315
E mail –
Twitter – @wondrwallhelp

  • Is my home compatible with Wondrwall?
  • What components do I require for Wondrwall to work best in my home?
  • Will Wondrwall save me money?
  • Does Wondrwall let me have rooms at different temperatures?
  • Will my Wondrwall system switch off if my broadband is turned off or stops working?
  • Can I override Wondrwall’s operation?
  • What happens if I leave my key fob at home?
  • Are there any additional costs associated with operating the Wondrwall system?
  • We’ve designed Wondrwall to be as compatible with as many homes as possible, the only pre-requisites are the following:

    – Your existing light switches must have a neutral line in place

    – A wireless router with internet access must be available in the home to make use of Wondrwall’s intelligent features

    – You must have a traditional ‘wired’ thermostat in place, which can then be replaced with our thermostat – a process which generally takes no longer than 15 minutes

  • The system will work if installed with just the base kit, but with limited functionality.  Our recommendation is replacing the standard light switches throughout the home to experience the full power of Wondrwall.

  • Yes. By automating and optimizing the home’s heating and lighting, Wondrwall prevents wasted energy saving on your energy bill.

  • Heat sensors in every light switch means rooms can be set to different temperatures but the thermostat will only make adjustments for the room you are presently occupying.  If multiple rooms are in use together then it will revert to your average home temperature.

  • No. Your switches will still operate allowing you to control your lighting as decisions are made locally.  Your thermostat and alarm siren will work as per usual.  The internet connection is required for the system to autonomously control but lack of signal will not prevent you from the basic functions of heating and lighting control.

  • The Wondrwall app allows you to manually configure and update preferences, as well as override any aspect of your heating, lighting and security programme.

  • Not having your key fob on your person simply means Wondrwall cannot use locational information from the fob to make real-time decisions.  As a result, you will have to use the app to manually arm/disarm you home alarm.

  • There are no additional costs to run the Wondrwall system once installed.