Intelligent Living

Wondrwall gives the home a brain and the intelligence to control itself

Turn the bedroom light on...

This is Intelligent Living

Make your life easier and more efficient without having to think about it.

Wondrwall is a pioneering intelligent living system that makes your home adapt to your needs and desires – automatically controlling heating, lighting security and safety, with voice control technology to change any of the settings at any time.

Coupled with Wondrwall solar panels and battery storage, Wondrwall reduces energy consumption by 20%, reduces your energy bill by 90% by maximising the use of renewable and off-peak energy and creates a revenue for you by exporting surplus energy back to the grid.

Wondrwall learns and works around you, observing how you actually live, which rooms you spend the most time in and how you use heating and lighting. It seamlessly and intelligently supports and enhances your living environment and reduces energy consumption and costs without your input.

  • Heating

  • Lighting

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Music

Wondrwall’s intelligence enables it to make real-time adjustments to your usual routines, saving you the cost of heating an empty home.

Wondrwall knows when you leave and return home and even when you're delayed and turns the home on at just the right moment to avoid heating an empty home.

Wondrwall knows how long it will take your home to reach ideal temperature at different times of the day and turns the heating on and off to maximise energy savings.

Wondrwall heats the rooms you use to avoid unnecessarily heating un-used parts of the home.

Wondrwall intelligently identifies your temperature preferences from past behaviour to anticipate what you want.

Wondrwall, make the living room warmer

Wondrwall replaces your standard light switches, giving you full control of every room even when you’re not home.

Wondrwall can recognise when the house is unoccupied and automatically turns off any lights that have been left on.

In the case of an alarm, Wondrwall flashes the lights as well as sounding an alarm.

Wondrwall will turn the lights on and off to simulate occupancy when you are away to deter burglars.

All lighting in the home can be controlled via the mobile app or using voice control.

Wondrwall, switch off all the lights in the house please

Wondrwall’s technology enables it always be on guard to catch intruders. The motion sensors in every light switch work as part of a sensory based system, detecting the presence of trespassers.

With over 20 motion sensors covering every part of the house, Wondrwall can catch burglars wherever they may be.

Wondrwall can catch intruders before they enter the home, with voice technology tuned to react to the sound of a smashed window.

Disable any sensor to avoid your large pets setting off the alarm.

Wondrwall sounds the alarm by activating the siren but also, flashing the internal and external lights and sending an alert via the Wondrwall App.

We’ve detected an intruder in your home

Wondrwall’s technology adds a layer of intelligence to the standard safety features of a home.

Wondrwall recognises the sound of the fire or carbon monoxide alarm and automatically flashes the lights and sounds an alert in every room to make sure everyone is safe.

In case of emergency, each fob has a built-in panic button; a single press sends an alert to all pre-programmed contacts simultaneously.

Get a notification sent to your phone when the children get home from school.

Wake up, the smoke alarm is going off

Wondrwall can play music via the speaker in the light switches or, for the ultimate in sound quality, on your Sonos speakers.

Every Wondrwall Light Switch is a voice-controlled device with a built-in speaker that connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide the news and weather, read bedtime stories and much more.

Wondrwall provides voice control for Amazon Music, Spotify and TuneIn.

Use your voice to play and control songs, playlists, radio stations, podcasts and more. On any Sonos speaker in any room of your home.

One app to control it all. The Wondrwall app has everything you need to effortlessly play and control your music on any Sonos speaker in your home.

Play my Oasis playlist

Creating a Net-Zero Home

Wondrwall enables houses to achieve “net zero” electricity use i.e. a house that generates all it’s energy requirements in a year from it’s own green renewable solar generation. Even better, these houses can sell any surplus energy they generate through the year back to the electricity grid, creating a revenue stream for their occupants or owners.

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Voice Control

Heating, lighting, and security can be controlled by voice. This means it can do so much more than just look after your home.

You can talk to Alexa no matter where you are in the home.

Your voice controls everything.

Wondrwall also works with and controls smart devices from other vendors.

Complete Home Coverage.

Wondrwall uses highly reliable mesh networking with light switches connecting to each other rather than a central hub. This allows for lower power consumption while still covering large areas making it perfect for technology-rich smart homes.

Have complete peace of mind.

The Wondrwall light switch contains 13 different sensors to understand your living patterns. The motion Sensors are the core of our security system and monitor every room and area of the home for a more complete intruder detection coverage.

See how much you can save

Unlike other smart home technology, Wondrwall intelligently learns from your behaviour. When you leave the house, Wondrwall will automatically turn off the heating and any lights you might have left on. In addition, Wondrwall solar panels installed on your home generate their own renewable energy. Using our battery storage, Wondrwall automatically and invisibly “time shifts” consumption to use the generated renewable energy and low-cost off-peak energy. In doing so, Wondrwall dramatically reduces the electricity costs of the home. Then at the end of each month, you can see a report of everything Wondrwall has saved you.

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Comfortable living

Wondrwall knows how long it takes your home to reach the ideal temperature ensuring there isn’t a moment of discomfort. Identifying your temperate preferences from past behaviour enables Wondrwall to wake you to just the right temperature in the morning, while timing your heating to avoid wasting energy.

Premium Entertainment

Wondrwall integrates tightly with Sonos allowing music to be played via any available Sonos speakers instead of the speakers in the Wondrwall light switch for the ultimate in sound quality. Control by talking to the light switch or via the Wondrwall app.