Comfort starts with having your home just the way you like it.

With Wondrwall technology, your home gains the intelligence and insights about your living patterns and how your home functions and behaves it needs to control the heating, lighting and security of your home exactly as you want them, without you having to tell it.

The technology in Wondrwall has been carefully designed to make your home intelligent, not more complicated and improve your comfort and make your home a better, safer place.

Thirteen sensors in every light switch


Wondrwall uses sensors throughout the home to understand living patterns and how the home performs. Every Wondrwall light switch contains 13 different sensors.

Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors are the core of our security system and monitor every room and area of the home for a more complete intruder detection coverage.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors monitor every room’s temperature giving an understanding of how the home heats up and cools down.

Humidity sensors

Humidity sensors sense, measure and report the relative humidity in the air and as such measure both moisture and air temperature.

Luminosity Sensors

Luminosity Sensors can detect the ambient light level and monitor lighting patterns to best optimise the use of daylight.

Power Sensors

Power Sensors monitor energy being used by your home and give a highly accurate picture of energy consumption.


Microphones are used for voice commands but have many additional functions besides. On away and sleep mode they specific types of noise like windows smashing and the smoke alarm.

Data gathering, machine learning and predictive modelling

Analytics and Intelligence

Wondrwall’s pioneering home intelligence is possible due to its rich sensory detection. Once installed, Wondrwall begins to build a detailed picture of exactly how you use your home. With a complex understanding of your habitation patterns, Wondrwall plots the optimal running of your home while making continual improvements. Using machine learning and predictive modelling to make intelligent decisions to control your home efficiently, save you money and to make your home more comfortable and safer.

Wireless communications connects devices to each other and the cloud


Energy efficient ZigBee technology ensures reliable operation without impacting your already crowded Wi-Fi setup. And since Wondrwall doesn’t need to constantly interfere with your other wireless devices, you’ll consume less energy. Wondrwall switches replace the standard light switches and are mains connected ensuring they do not suffer from the low power wireless issues of battery powered devices, delivering a highly reliable communication network as well as ensuring you never have worry about replacing batteries.

Every light switch has Wi-Fi built in allowing them to operate independently but also the means by which the main device connects to the cloud and the machine learning and predictive modelling platform. Even if the Wi-Fi goes down, the Wondrwall system continues to operate since each switch has its own operating system and the ability to make local decisions. Wifi is used by each switch to connect to the Alexa platform for voice control and control of other Amazon Alexa connected devices.

Voice control and mobile app

Manual Control

On a daily basis Wondrwall intelligently controls your home through the machine learning and predictive modelling platform giving you little reason to interact via the app. However, the iOS and Android mobile applications give you full control of the Wondrwall system and allow you to manually override the automatic functions at any time. Use the Wondrwall app to see your home at a glance, personalize it exactly to your needs, and automate the functions of your home.

Voice Control offers an added layer of functionality through Amazon’s Push-to-Talk Platform also allowing you to control your heating, lighting, security and safety. Use Amazon Alexa to set the desired temperature with just your voice. In addition, through Amazon Alexa, Wondrwall switches can execute all the same skills as Amazon Echo and Dot.

Sensors Analytics and Intelligence Communication Manual Control