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The home automation market is growing very quickly and represents a major new business opportunity, especially for home builders and electrical contractors. Market data predicts that sales will increase 25% annually and the total market will double in size by 2019.

As a Wondrwall partner, you will be promoting the premier intelligent living and smart home solution. This is intelligent living done properly. Not a series of components being sold individually but a fully integrated intelligent system that effortlessly and thoughtfully controls the key functions of the home.

Wondrwall is a high-quality solution and we want the customer experience to be high quality as well. We are looking for competent installers and partners who have the experience to explain and consult for their customers, who know what they are talking about. They will be able to explain how the product works, demonstrate and show what it can do and support in the installation.

Who is best suited to be a Wondrwall partner?

Wondrwall is ideally suited to home builders and electricians but other trade people can also benefit:

– Smart Home Installers
– Home AV Installers
– Security Providers

Dealers and resellers who are firmly established in the home automation industry and who offer a consultancy, installation and after sales support are eligible to join the Wondrwall Partner program. Pure resellers, online shops etc. are not eligible.

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